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Auf dieser Seite zeigen wir gebaute Modelle aller Bausätze, die wir produziert haben.

In our gallery we show builds of all of our kits. Most of the kits are long sold out.

F 612 Can-Am

BRM P154 Can-AM – erste Version

F 612 Can-Am mit Flügel

Por. 917/10 Can-Am

Chap. 2G

AR 33/3 LH

Por. 917/10 Interserie

Lola T70 Spyder Can-Am 1967

F 512 P Can-Am

Lola T70 Can-Am DANA

Lola T70 Can-Am Bardahl

Lotus 40 Can-Am

Por. 917/10 Can-Am

Lola T70 Surtees Can-Am

BRM P154 Can-Am zweite Version

Chap. 2A

Lotus 40 Foyt

Lola T70 Can-Am Simoniz

Honker Can-Am

Chap. 2A Can-Am zweite Version

AR 33/3 Kurzheck

March 707 Can-Am

McLar. M8A Can-Am

March 717 Interserie

Lotus 40 Bahamas Speed Weeks

Lola T70 Coupe Nürburgring

Lola T70 Coupe Can-Am

Lola T70 Coupe Sebring

F 350 Can-Am

F 512 Can-Am

March 707 Interserie

Por. 917/10PA Can-Am

Chap. M12 Can-Am

Lola T222 Can-Am

Chap. M12 Can-Am ohne Heckflügel

Tyr. P34

Lola T70 Can-Am Foulger Ford

Lola T70 Coupe Sunoco

Lola T222 Interserie

AC A98

McLar. M8C Can-Am

Lotus 30 Can-Am

Bizzarrini P538 Can-Am

Bizzarrini P538 LeMans 1966

Shadow DN4

Sunoco Lola T70 Spyder

Ford GT40 Motor

Maser 570S

McLar M6B